19 Extraordinary Pictures of Nature That Prove the World Still Has Something to Surprise Us With

There’s a different side to nature that we aren’t very used to seeing. It serves as a reminder that there’s so much more to it than pretty landscapes and we should do our best to preserve it.


My cat has thumbs!

This flower-shaped strawberry

A storm literally picked up and moved this road.


A tornado twisted this tree.

This tree broke a headstone.

This huge puffball mushroom

This tree ate this trail sign


A fossil coral with small flowers inside

A giant onion

A beautiful neon cicada

The beautiful pattern of this watermelon

A spider web that looks like a cave

A starry night on a flower.


The inside of this rock after being cut in half looks like the beach and the sea.

A perfectionist’s dream stone.

This boot perfectly covered in moss

A helicopter cloud

“The Scream” on a butterfly

A quadruple banana!

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