19 Examples That Prove It’s Easier to Understand Things When You Compare Them

Comparison helps us to discover the nature of different objects and we want to share some vivid examples with you.


This is how much food you can get for the cost of a pack of 40 cigarettes in Australia.

The woman’s height is 5’7″ for scale.

The same road before and after the fires in Australia


A giant collard green leaf

Before and after overcoming depression

It seems like we might now know what the inspiration was behind the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design.

1 years progress


Meet Patrick, the biggest wombat in the world.

I restored this keyboard and here is the result

Before and after a haircut

Half of this hallway is under construction.

14,600,000 bolivars is the amount of money you need to buy a 5-pound chicken in Venezuela

It was the first time I washed my terrace in 20 years.


I took me 5 years to become a new person-

Before and after I told him he was a good boy

A microscopic look at a bee stinger and the point of a needle

This is me at the beginning of the decade and at the end.

I’m 27 years old and my puppy weighs more than me.

This is the fossil of a car-sized turtle that once lived in South America.

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