19 Before and After Photos Of Wonderful Glow-Ups

People in this article found the courage to stop dreaming about their appearance and took action instead. From drinking more water to losing some weight, these people are sources of motivation.


I was bullied in school and now I work as a mental health coach.

I changed my hair, got contacts, cleared my skin, and lost some weight.

Before and after college.


I think the haircut played the main role here.

Losing 50 lbs was not easy but it was totally worth it!

Who’s laughing now?

It’s just a step from what you are and what you want to be.


People don’t believe that it’s me in the 1st photo

I was teased a lot in high school and didn’t stand out as an athlete, so after I left it really gave me the fire I needed to stay consistent

Looks like 2 completely different people.

I risked it all and went blonde.

It seems that hair can change your entire look!

Water is my best friend now!


From being the weird kid to owning my weirdness

A little effort can lead to big changes.

Thank God it was just a phase.

Braces are the best invention ever.

Me in my early twenties looking like a troll man to a more normal-looking dude in his thirties

I have so much confidence now!

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