18 Times People Got a Satisfying Result Without Even Trying

Boxes or books that fit into a space you thought was too small, sorting clothes according to a color pattern, and finishing a painting that looks exactly like the picture that inspired it, are a just few examples of what perfection is.


I was convinced it would fit.

When the mint drawer is more organized than my life:

This scoop of peanut butter


I’ve tried keeping a screw like that for sooo long.

Dropped my gloves.

Perfectly stacked chips

These books fit perfectly into this box.


I arranged my fabric by color and re-folded it all to fit perfectly within each cube

Sometimes it’s really hard to find her.

The first time I actually saw a fully formed spider web

Her hat matches the dress in the background

Keeping my mind occupied

Should I go to work?


Practice makes perfect

Whoever organized these chips deserves an award!


Organized all the crayons in the house.

Organized my spray paint into an easy to find color wheel.

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