18 Sneaky People Who Ease Their Way Out of Life’s Annoying Situations With Their Perfect Ideas

Ssome people know how to come up with a solution to anything. And their ideas seem so simple, yet so witty, that they made us wonder how didn’t we think of them too.


How to enjoy a treat without having to share

Cat won’t leave you alone while working from home? Try a decoy laptop.



My kids hate the heel of a bread loaf. I flipped it over with the end side down so they wouldn’t know.


Why didn’t I think about this sooner!



Mowing the lawn: Lazy (but smart!) edition

No kids will be able to sneak and peek at their presents early.

I feel like a genius

When you’re out to eat and your 2-year-old won’t sit still

My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes.

How to dip Oreos in milk:


Cutting your own hair? Set up a conference call between 2 screens so you can hit up the back and sides.

No more stupid questions in this household!

How to turn a cheap stationary bike into a $2,000 Peloton

No mixer? No problem.

So smart!

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