18 Real Estates That Came With Big Surprises

When purchasing or renting real estate, be prepared for the fact that you’ll probably only learn about some of the features of your home after moving in. The owners of the following properties found some really unusual features after purchasing them.


My friend found a mansion that has a whole fake city in the basement

I think the previous owner used to watch his clothes spinning in the washing machine while sitting on the toilet

I was out of town for 2 months and when I came back I found this random cat chilling in my apartment.


So my girlfriend’s apartment has a shower in the living room

A friend bought a new house in 2017. When a cable technician went down the basement, they found this shrine to Nicholas Cage.

My grandma is trying really hard to sell her house. These are the photos she put on the website.

This is next level protection.


We found a box in our new house.

I just stumbled upon this while looking at ads for houses that I could never afford: a realtor dresses up as Bigfoot for his photographs.

On the website, it said there’s aircon in the apartment.

My apartment building has a World War II air-raid shelter in the basement

Today I met my new neighbours for the first time.

We found a safe behind a fake power socket in our new house.


I love my  new neighbours, they greet me every morning.

He’s stalking me.

There’s already somebody living in this apartment.

The previous owner was really smart I can see.

Meet my new neighbours

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