18 Powerful Shots of Earth’s Pollution That Will Make You Think About Your Behavior

J. Henry Fair, a photographer and environmental activist travels the globe to be able to capture unique shots that show the damaged parts that we have created with the help of industrialization.


An oil spill near Mexico

Mining waste flowing to the sea

Waste ponds at a chemical plant


Bauxite waste from aluminum production

Radioactive waste from phosphate fertilizers

Water mixed with chemical waste after coal was washed

A bulldozer pushing waste from an oil refinement


Another waste pond caused by fertilizer production.

And another oil spill

The apache copper inner wall of an open-pit copper mine

Waste from an Arctic iron mine

Waste at an electricity generator plant

Sulfur waste pit after oil production


Meat consumption causing Hog Lake fecal waste

Another waste pit

Molten sulfur forming tar sands at a refinery pumped onto a sulfur stack

Coal mining waste

Another side product of manufacturing fertilizers

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