18 Photos That Show What A Huge Change Looks Like

The people from our compilation shared photos of the little and big changes in their lives.


11 to 25.

Before and after being sized and decorated with a belt

Before and after losing 30 pounds


Before and after dental veneers, weight loss, and self-care!

A different hair and eyebrow color

Before and after bringing out my natural curl.

2009 to 2019


When we bought the house vs Now

16 (110 lbs) to 22 (135 lbs)

Sometimes cats need to lose weight too

12 to 29

2 years of hard work

Changing my garden was a long process but it was totally worth it.


The power of a power wash

18 to 23

Double jaw surgery.

Before and after surgery

Glad that puberty hit me.

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