18 Photos That Prove Life Has Its Own Plans for Everything

The characters of our compilation didn’t feel shy and showed the whole world their fails that we hope didn’t bring them any serious consequences.


This is what happens when hand sanitizer drips onto brand new shoes.

Not sure if it is a good idea to charge my electronic car underwater…

Have a nice flight!


When you ask an elderly passerby to take a photo of you.

Asked my aunt to take my pic so it would look like I was holding up the world.

Here is what having burst pipes really means:

I’m just waiting for this to happen in 2020


Act confident.

I think I’ll take the day off today

There is no point crying over a dropped pie.

Time travelers?

It’s 100% genuine

“Spent 2 hours making dinner for my family, but no one’s coming home tonight.”


The dentist showed me this pic of worst pain of my life.

After years of saving, I finally bought my first house. The key snapped in the door and locked me out.

I dropped my snowmobile in my lake

When a Snapchat filter takes your chin for your lips:

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