18 Photos That Answer The Question “What Would Happen if… “

There are many many curious questions. Today we answered some of them and even attached some photos as proof.


This happened with the leather goods in a shop that was closed for 53 days (keep in mind it was in a place where the humidity is really high).

The same thing happened to the cinemas there. Everything was covered in mold.

What happens if I put money in the microwave?


This is what happened after 2 years of use with a cheap dish scrubber (on the right). On the left — a high-quality dish scrubber that has been used for 15 years.

Potato sprouts after 3 weeks

What happens if you put transparent tape onto a matte surface?

What happens if a comb a sheepskin rug?


This is how too much scrolling looks like. (visible through polarized lenses)

This key was left in the lock for 20 years

Here’s what will happen with a completely transparent skull after 7 years of sitting on a windowsill.

The 2 bottles in the middle spent several weeks in the shop window under bright sunlight so they faded out.

This is what happens to roads in flood zones after heavy rains.

The grass dried out because someone put a glass door on top of it for a little while.


Cleaned the pilling of this sofa.

Here’s what happened to a pole that’s been a place to hang flyers for several decades.

A wooden door was getting hit by a doorbell for 30 years.

This tree grew over the fence.

A bird ran into my window.

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