18 People Who Deserve to Be Fired

We all have our own flaws, and our mistakes are probably discussed by the people around us. But today’s compilation is about these special people who don’t mind lying down on the job.


I’m pretty sure that the label goes on the packaging and not on the dessert…

Good job.

Drawed QR codes.


This sandbox has a small surprise inside.

The worker just put 4 holes in the door because the power meters kept on hitting it

This is how the shop sent me my violin bow. They just broke it in half to put it in their tiny plastic packaging.

There were no parts that broke off inside, so this means it had been broken before it was packed for delivery.


This emergency telephone…

This handle is perfect if you want to burn your fingers.

I ordered chicken nuggets

From now on, this is how I’m gonna weigh myself.

They ran out of yellow paint.

I ordered 27 books online on a single order and got 27 boxes with 1 book in each. So eco-friendly.


It irritates me that it’s not in the middle

I asked them to cut it in half.

We installed an air conditioner at work. Electricians said that they’ll switch it on themselves. A year later, I was in that room again

Can you tell it’s a fake dollar bill?

I feel so stupid for doing that.

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