18 Once Popular Things That Have Become Totally Outdated

Sometimes it just so happens that the item we love so much loses its relevance, giving way to innovation. While this is hard to accept, these changes make our world better.


A little black dress replaced by a little white dress.

Beige tights – black is more trendy!

Sports watches – now we are going for more feminine pieces


USB flash drive – today, cloud storage, virtual machines and drives, and portable speakers have become more relevant.

Ballet flats – it’s preferable to combine a romantic look with sneakers, Oxford shoes  or boots.

A beanie is replaced by Robin Hood hats, turbans, and cowls.


A wet-dry vacuum has a worthy competitor, the steam mop.

Beige pumps – nowadays, shoes of contrasting colors are trendy, especially red and blue pumps.

A bulky crossbody bag’s been replaced by no less practical tote bags, elongated totes, and leather backpacks.


Ceramic tiles are very difficult to clean. That’s why removable glass backsplash has become more popular.

A food processor – Instead of one bulky device, it’s better to buy several small ones that specialize in 1 or 2 functions, like a juicer or a yogurt maker, for example.


A shower pod takes up too much space in the bathroom. Rainfall showers are becoming more and more popular.

A computer desk – a small coffee table is more than enough for our light laptops.

One pair of glasses for all occasions – today there are glasses designed for using at the computer, for driving, for sports, and, finally, for vision correction.



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