18 Ideas That Are Either Really Stupid or Totally Genius

Necessity is the mother of invention. When we need a quick solution to a sudden problem, our creativity is often limitless. Whether this creativity is improving things or bringing even more problems is another question.


DIY rocking chair

A sofa made out of empty milk or beer crates

This natural-born engineer could not figure out how to refill the soap dispenser, but he did find a quick, easy, and working solution for the problem.


Quick solution

Is a shopping cart a better idea?

Three-wheeler: a miracle of mechanical engineering

Fixed it!


Another way to fix a bike

DIY iron for students

Ran out of toilet paper?

Stacking tennis balls inside the rear coil springs can apparently increase the stiffness and boost the stock spring rate in stock class.

Coffee pots can be used for multiple purposes:

Headphones fixed with K’NEX


Reusing an old TV

When you have a microphone but no candle holder:

This broken headlight seems to be fixed…

This wiper is also a broom.

Jenga in real life

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