18 Creative Designers Who Know How to Do Their Job Just Right

These designers maybe didn’t make a fortune on their ideas but they are definitely wonderful examples of how to put creativity to good use!


The lobby of this medical office has an alligator in the floor.

Unusual sign

This Canadian $2-coin with a picture of the northern lights glows in the dark:


This elevator at a children’s hospital

These hexagon crayons so they don’t roll off the table:

This restaurant has a breathalyzer so you know if you can drive or not.

This ice cream has comics on it:


This cooling strip for your drinks

This umbrella rack has locks and keys to keep your umbrellas safe from thieves:

This stall for your dog outside a supermarket

Parking spots for dogs

My University sent me a wallet-sized version of my diploma.

This building in Chicago has a map of the surrounding area


This Norwegian Air aircraft has a massive portrait of Freddie Mercury on it:

This building has a realistic statue of a police officer:

You can go in there if you need to make a phone call so you don’t disturb the people in the library

Labelled empanada

This is a really useful feature

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