18 Birthday Surprise Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Sometimes the little but thoughtful surprises make us smile more than an expensive gift. Also, don’t forget that great memories last longer than some clutter.


My daughter wished for some balloons on her Birthday. I think this will be a great surprise for her when she opens the door in the morning.

My husband made me this cake!

My grandma was a librarian at the Mt. Vernon Public Library for 50 years. She ALWAYS tells the story of how she gave Denzel Washington his first library card. For her birthday, he stopped by to say hi.


My dad is a huge fan of Stevie Wonder so my little sister painted a picture of him.

My Mom’s first ever surprise birthday party.

My mom made me this for my birthday. I love cats as you can see.

She asked for a chicken. So here it is. Now we have a pet chicken.


My daughter loves hedgehogs so I made her a hedgehog cake .

My husband built me a fort for my birthday

My son is a huge fan of Super Mario so we arranged a Super Mario themed party for his birthday.

My sister is obsessed with her cat so it was really easy to come up with a birthday present.

My dad wrote a book about a ship he built, so for his sixty-fifth birthday, we gave him a ship built out of the book he wrote about the ship he built.

My dad always says, ’Let’s go, buffalo!’ when we leave the house. So a made him a personalized T-shirt.


No one gets left behind. Today it’s Luna’s birthday.

My daughter wanted to go to Disney Land dressed like Chewbacca.

My mom’s present in the making.

We finally adopted a dog for my sister’s birthday.

My ma crocheted me a Snorlax for my twenty-seventh birthday

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