17 Weird Life Hacks That Surprisingly Work

Ordinary people turn their imaginations on and create really useful inventions. There are useful tips for everyone:


How to protect your plants

Use a fork or 2 as a laptop cooling pad.

Use a binder clip to use all the toothpaste.


Magnetic strip for bobby pins

Restore your floor with the help of nail polish. Choose a color, apply the base, and dry the floor.

Defrost frozen products in a microwave and finish in a toaster for a quick, crunchy oven taste.

Use your key if you don’t have any coins


Iron your shirt with a pan with hot water in it.

To carry your soup from one place to another, use rubber bands. No more spills.

To not confuse left and right earphones, paint them in different colors.

Use binder clips to keep your cables on your desk.

A phone holder made from a hair tie

Easier to carry the shopping bag this way


Now you may go on vacation and worry about nothing!

Reusing chopsticks

For extremely jealous couples: Put your phone inside an empty cake box. If your beloved wants to grab it, they won’t go unnoticed.

Lazy Xmas hack!

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