17 Unique People That Redefined Beauty Standards

No one has a perfect appearance, and beauty standards change so fast that today’s attractive features may be considered unattractive tomorrow. So, there are 2 options: hide your unique features or make peace with them and stop chasing the impossible.



“My iris has rings in it.”

Freckles are nature’s glitter

I’ve always hidden it, but now I want to share my birthmark in the center of my forehead with you


Postaxial polydactyly

An off-centered pupil

We have the same birthmark

Got this after a bike accident a few years back


This birthmark!

Super-rare uncombable hair syndrome

How do you like my eyes?

Another UHS


Born with grey hair!


Freckles became really trendy so be proud if you have them!

This pattern!

The mesmerizing beauty of Sam Kobelyan

Let me hear the same old jokes I have heard my whole life..

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