17 Times Restaurant Orders Went Horribly Wrong

Most restaurant orders gone wrong don’t usually turn out to be popular discoveries…but they can still turn out to be crazy.


McDonald’s ice cream sandwich

The customer ordered cheese-sticks…

The order was for an affogato (ice cream with espresso)…


We ordered cheesy onion rings

Asked for extra pickles

What is this?

Extra mayo.


At least it keeps everything neat…

Man wasn’t meant to toy with the Taco Bell secret menu.

“Add cheese”

Here’s proof that there is such a thing as too much pepperoni.

It’s a real surprise what’s underneath this much frosting…

There’s a bacon shortage…


Ordered a fruit salad.

This pizza with ONE peperroni.

I ordered a coke with an extra cup for the kids… T

They did it in the wrong order.

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