17 Times Fine Dining Restaurants Took It Too Far

Sometimes, while trying to impress guests and restaurant reviewers, restaurant owners forget that real people actually come to them to eat real food.


Food served on an iPad that’s displaying a picture of a plate.

Rocks, and potatoes painted to look like rocks, at a Michelin-starred restaurant

Who needs plates? Just serve it on the table.


They served us butter on a rock.

Beef tartare served on a wooden hand.

Imagine ordering the Chef’s speciality and getting this.

I got my cocktail in a plastic bag.


This 2-star Michelin restaurant is serving seafood on rocks. I can barely tell it’s food.

Another extraordinary dessert.

So, can I just eat it with my hands?

The dish was called, ‘Walking deep into the woods’ or something…

Amuse-bouche… like a Barbie-sized silicone implant

So creative.


Are they serious?

Can someone tell me which part is edible?

Canapés on a brick


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