17 Things People Suddenly Discovered in Unexpected Places

Sometimes you see things in the most unexpected places. When you notice these things, you want to share your findings with the entire world and that’s exactly what the characters of our compilation did.


Found WALL-E made from scrap metal and old car parts outside of my mechanic’s shop.

A ’Mouse Barbershop’ in Malmö

I found this old McDonald’s cup in a wall during a renovation.


New life in an old lock.

These keys in my lunch are extra?

This world map on the downspout

This bumpy thick Pringle


This poster

I found a dog on the inner side of my T-shirt.

Looked out of my window and saw this.

Just walking through downtown Denver when suddenly…

Just saw this on my new jeans.

Spotted a doctor outside a medical lab in Paris.


Little surprises can make your day better

There is a building with a hidden man in its wall

Somebody put eyes on a random orange on the street

A lizard laid eggs in my wall

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