17 Photos That Prove We’ll Always Be Children to Our Parents

We think we are getting older, but we’ll always remain babies to our parents — funny, awkward, fussy, and always needing to be looked after.


My father asked me to help install an overhead light, but he’d only let me hold the flashlight.

My mom said, ’I get scared when you’re driving a real car. Drive this one instead!’

Our parents always want to know where we are.


My bed at my parents’ house, I’m 22…

I’m 22 now and my mom still brings me ’gifts from a rabbit and a fox.’

A gift for my 20th Birthday.

I’m a 32-year-old child in my mom’s eyes. Before this visit, I cleaned for 2 days so she wouldn’t. Today, I woke up and looked in my loose change box.”


Kenzaburo Oe, awarded the 1994 Nobel Prize in Literature

Got this for Christmas from my Mom.

My dad and I recreated a photo of us from 1995

This 98-year-old mother moved into the same nursing home as her 80-year-old son so she could take care of him.

My 25th Christmas.

Just an 84-year-old daughter giving her 107-year-old mother some candy.


My father adjusting my bowtie minutes before my wedding ceremony.

My mom knitted a little beanie for my CAE shifter

My mom sent me this care package for Easter because I could celebrate with them this year.

We’ll always remain children for our parents.

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