17 People Who Had Bad Luck But Took It With Humour

The characters of our article are everyday people who simply had a bad day. They not only took their small failures in stride but were also willing to laugh at them.


My wife bought a new plant pot and put it on the shelf over the toilet. Two hours later:

Guess who’s getting fired today.

My bunny decided to make a nest right on my carpet.


Took me 4 days to build my kitchen. When I was done, I saw this.

We sold our mattress the day we were supposed to get the new one. So we are sleeping on the floor today.

I was so excited about this dinner.

My dog trashed my main glasses some days ago, ruining one lens. Today I lost the reserve glasses.


I got two identical pieces and one missing completely.

One hot water bottle can ruin your whole day.

“I was feeling lucky about being able to have flour delivered.”

I ordered this online. Let me tell you… it doesn’t look like in the picture

I left my wallet at home and my 2 labradors took care of it.

The ’waterfall’ my family drove 2 hours to see


I’m so stupid.

My boyfriend put salt instead of rice in the rice cooker — been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook…

Everyday at 8 am this natural alarm clock goes off.

I just wanted to pour some balsamic vinegar on my salad.

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