17 People That Wanted a Perfect Renovation, but Something Went Wrong

When you watch all the home renovation shows on TV, the entire process looks really fast and simple. And only the people that have actually been through the process, really understand how deceptive the shows are.


How to make washing your hands complicated:

So fancy!

This is how you wanted it?


A very unusual light

You have to sacrifice sometimes.

What’s this?

I would not sit on that toilet when the washing machine is on!


This perfectly designed bathroom.

This is a wall sink, not a urinal.

Nevermind! I don’t want to see my neighbours!

You got your own audience.

Because everyone deserves a bubble bath while basting a turkey.

Must be such a nice view.


Is a carpeted bathroom considered good design?

This new hotel carpet that looks like it’s worn out

Fixed it!

Built-in toilet?


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