17 People That Admit That Cutting Their Own Hair Was A Huge Mistake

You’ve probably been in a situation where you wanted to change your style but didn’t have enough patience to wait for a hairdresser to do their magic. Learn from this article and remember that sometimes it’s worth the wait.


What do I do now?

I was already finishing cutting my hair with a hair trimmer and I didn’t notice that the nozzle had broken.

Now my friends say I look like Tina from Bob’s Burgers.


My girlfriend’s take on Oliver Tree haircut.

Bought a new curling iron.

I hate myself.

“It can’t be that hard!” Yes, it can!


I feel so stupid.

Never bleaching my own hair ever again!

Note to self: Never let your family give you a haircut. It was so bad, I had to shave my head

First time using rollers.

I hope my son forgives me one day.

Luckily, the hair on top of my head is long enough to cover up this mess.


How could I think that cutting my own bangs while being a bit tipsy was a great idea?

DIY purple hair? Better not.

I let my brother cut my hair. Not only did he shave too much hair off the sides of my head, but he also dropped the razor and completely removed the hair from the top of my head.

Don’t cut your own bangs!

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