17 People Shared the Worst Gifts They Gave or Received During Secret Santa

The people in this compilation shared the terrible gifts they gave or received during a Christmas bout of Secret Santa. And now, we are sharing them with you!


I’m on a tight budget, so my giftee’s package is being sent out today wrapped entirely in his favorite color duct tape.


I’m actually quite satisfied with my gifts.

Wrapping presents is definitely not one of my talents.


Ah yes. The annual passive-aggressive revenge that is Secret Santa..

We had a competition called “The worst gift” so this is mine.

I feel like this one won the competition.

Or this one?


This Secret Santa had no budget whatsoever.

This Secret Santa recycled a gift he didn’t want.

Not even a CD

My brother got me a candle that turns from apple pie scent to the worst fart within a couple of hours


An English Dictionary that’s actually a secret safe as well.


I was told it was to help with washing up?

Appreciate the creativity.

It appears useful…

Let’s finally all agree that this is the perfect present!

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