17 Legendary Objects From the 90’s That Are Really Hard to Find Nowadays

In the times when there was no internet or social media, children and teenagers tried to entertain themselves in any way they could. The modern generation probably doesn’t even know some of the words in this article, but the lots of millennials will get a nostalgic rush when they see these photos.


Who knows what is this?

I can smell this picture

Many masterpieces were taken with these


Your favorite songs hit different with this

This toy was so calming


Today’s generation can’t even pronounce Tamagochi


These beach balls were the best!

A lot of families must have had these hooks for clothes.

This was the thing in elementary school before yo-yos.

This set up

Dogs from McDonald’s

The original fidget spinner


These were much better than classic pencils

Many hours spent on these

Need help?

Now looking back… We were collecting the most random things


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