17 Illustrations That Show How Technology Changed Our Lives Completely

Do you remember what it was like to order a taxi over the phone? Or what it felt like to have your own CD collection so you could listen to music? Things were not as easy back in the day as they are today.


Wating in line to speak on the phone

Renting movies in a video store

Waiting for your favorite song.


Putting together a bomb playlist for a party.

The fear of missing an episode of your fave show.

Getting lost in the town…

…or on roadtrips


Forgetting your wallet.

Being smart about how you use the limited number of pictures.

Needing about 100 books for your homework.

Many sleepless nights because of the heat.

Boiling water.

Talking to your friends who live far from you.


Sharing the newspaper.

Buying 30 cook books.

Waiting in line for hours to buy a new book

Getting a taxi.

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