17 Couples Shared Funny Situations That Happened At Their Weddings

Many women have dreamt about a fairytale wedding since their childhood and have carefully thought over every little detail of the ceremony.  But no matter how well a couple prepares for the ceremony, fate may intervene at any moment and ruin all your plans.


The best man holds the groom, while he tries to find the wedding rings he lost down the drain.



She definitely overestimated her power.


Just a stranger photobombing or wedding picture

The bride wanted to get a beautiful picture where she dreamily looked through the window.



Do we really have to get so upset about someone wearing the same dress?

My brother really wanted to make an entrance at my cousin’s wedding. He did a cartwheel and spilt his pants.

My husband forgot to take off his Minions band-aid

I joked before that I would make my husband take my last name, but he took it seriously.



We got pulled over while driving to the church

Just little me wiping my nose into my aunts wedding dress.

This is truly the best timing ever.

A photobomb that I don’t mind at all.

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