17 Cheap And Easy Ideas To Be More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, there are more and more thoughtful people that care about the environment. Being a little bit more eco-friendly is actually easier than you think! Get inspired by these amazing ideas!


If your workplace gives you plastic utensils just bring your own from home. That way you save A LOT of plastic waste.

Soaps and shampoos usually come in plastic packaging so I started to make them myself at home.

I made a lamp out of my old broken camera.


I made this fluffy Moroccan-style rug out of old clothing and scrap fabric! A great idea to use your old clothes.

I made my wedding table runners from old bedsheets.

Decided to make a succulent arrangement from a broken mug.

Natural confetti made from leaves.


One thing I love about Amsterdam is the day each neighborhood takes out the trash that can’t go in the regular bin. Found these teapots this morning and gave them a new purpose.

Plastic-free way to keep your vegetables fresh.

A bread basket  made from used chopsticks

A roll of ’un-paper’ towels I made for our kitchen

DIY soap dish

Old broken window blinds turned into plant markers


Wrapped this gift into a shopping bag. Even the bow is made from the handles.

This is how I go to the cinema.

I made a jewelry display out of a dog crate floor.

Really good for making super cute bags!


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