17 Animals Whose Tenderness Melted Our Hearts

Pet owners have probably noticed that their animals can be more compassionate, understanding, and loving than people can. Our 4-legged friends know what true friendship, selfless love, and support are.



This dog shares his favorite toy with a crying baby.

Cute family photo


A homeless dog kept an injured cyclist warm for a whole night.

A chimpanzee taking care of a tiny tiger

Unique friendship

Smiley seal


The best helper ever

A cat has been visiting her friend at the zoo for over 10 years.

Just learned that Cheetahs are very nervous animals, so this support dog is helping it relax.

The power of genes

Happy friends

The best babysitter


This lioness adopted an orphaned baby antelope.

This baby is in good paws.


This dog feeding a lamb.

Sophie the cat helped her owner defeat depression.

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