16 Uber Drivers Who Deserve More Than 5 Stars

Most of us have, at least once, experienced something funny, crazy, or bizarre during our Uber ride, which we often share with our friends. By the way, they aren’t always negative experiences. Here are some examples.


This is my Uber driver Beni. He took me to the hospital and kept me company since most of my family lives out of the state.


Real-life Tetris



The driver found this kitty last night but he hadn’t managed to go home yet, so the kitty was still in the car.

The best Uber driver in the world



The best drive ever!

My Uber driver displays photos of his past passengers’ dogs that have been sent to his email.


The driver shared his food with me because he doesn’t like to eat alone.

My Uber driver had a pet dwarf rabbit in the car.

My Uber tonight is so extra! Yes that is a karaoke and disco lights


This Uber driver has a Nintendo set up in the backseat.

Melted my heart.

My taxi driver calls to say he has arrived and asks me to bring down a cup of water for his puppy.

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