16 Pictures That Show There Are Only 2 Types of People

Our habits, opinions and lifestyle are not identical at all. We all are unique but we bet you can relate to one of the following pairs of pictures!

There are people who love or absolutely hate summer. There is no in-between.

Do you prefer cakes with many candles or with ones that look like numbers?

Do you only eat half of the apple or do you only leave the stem?


What about your notifications?

Two types of people when in home office.

Potholder or a glove?

On which end do you start pealing your banana?


People who are either too hot or too cold on a plane

Do you scrunch or fold?

7 with or without the line?

Do you make notes on a meeting or do you doodle?

Bag or bowl?

Do you keep your plastic bags?


Soak or just leave?

Stickers or minimalism?

Do you arrive early or are you always late?


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