16 Photos That Prove That Nature Never Stops Surprising Us

Nature’s ability to stun us with its creations is astounding. Keep your eyes wide open and your phones ready because you won’t want to miss the little miracles nature can unveil to you on the most ordinary day.


My brother took this photo of a cloud that looks like a face.

My cat has a paw on his back

I accidentally left a bowl of beet juice on the counter and the top layer rippled.


The petals are still attached to this strawberry.

These are not twigs, they are moths.

My gecko got rid of his skin but grew some eyebrows.

The pattern on the wings of this butterfly looks like the screaming face from the famous painting by Edvard Munch.


This cloud is leaving a shadow on other clouds.

A pepper that looks like a duck

My cat has thumbs

A hearth shaped cactus

A book ravaged by termites.

A double rose


A tree stump with The Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh.

A feather cloud

Almost a seedless watermelon

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