15 Photos Proving That Our Ancestors Were Really Attractive Without Any Filter

A lot of people try to follow the trends and buy beauty products and new clothes, and they edit their photos before sharing them with others. Our relatives from the past didn’t need any of that.


My great-grandfather (circa the 1940s)

My grandfather in the 1960s,

My grandma in the 1930s


My mom at 17, 1968

My Italian grandpa looking like he just stepped off a movie set

My great-grandfather from Cuba

My great-grandmother in the 1940s


My great-great-uncle, 1944

My parents getting ready for the Marine Corps Ball.

My grandfather in 1956

My mom, my grandma, and my sister in 1994

My beautiful grandma

My mom, my grandma, and my sister in 1994


My grandpa

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