16 People That Were Ready for Everything, but Were Still Shocked by What They Got

The people from this compilation shared their photo stories that are all about buying something and they are really hard to forget.


I ordered this hoodie but it only fits my cat.

Let my beautician tint my eyebrows.

I guess my cat’s too fat for this.


Bought an HDMI cable from Amazon. But they sent me this instead.

Now I know the reason for the low price.

This one guy ordered boots on Facebook… To support a local business and they delivered this.

Picture vs reality


Ordered cheese fries

Ordered a non-branded Airpods case off AliExpress and got this:

I ordered the pink couch and it just got delivered with the grey one. I called the guy and said I didn’t order it and he just said, ‘Merry Christmas, it’s free!’ but my flat is too small for 2 couches!

Ordered a plain white shirt.

No that’s not a tiny banana, it’s just a giant frying pan that I purchased online.

When your Christmas gift comes in the wrong color:


Ordered a Caesar salad with no croutons. The waitress asked me why I don’t want croutons. I said croutons are for losers. She brought back this.

I actually like this bowl more than the one I ordered.

I received this pair of socks today that I never ordered

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