15 Types of People You’d Better Stay Away From

There are things that 99% of people do the same way. Yet there’s still that 1% who do everything in their own way.


People who eat KitKats like that

People who know physics.

People who manage to get the right clothes on in the spring.


People who start a new series before going to bed and watch ONE episode

People who pour the milk before the cereal

People who fit into summer things after winter.

Those who wear UGG boots.


Those who eat pasta with a spoon.

People who aimlessly look into the fridge.

People who always look good in photos.

People who bite into a burrito like this.

People who are cheerful and well-rested every morning.

People who eat sushi like this


People who think toilet paper rolls should hang like this.

There is only one more type of people that is actually worse:

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