15 Readers Proved That You Can Create Amazing Things With Your Own Hands

You just need your hands, some time, and a little effort. And then you can get a new haircut, new clothes, and even new shoes for free. And in addition, you will be super proud of yourself.


I made my son a palaeontologist kit

Colored my own hair and I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

My mom made me a unique prom dress.


Painted and redecorated my entire room on my own.

My 13-year-old sister is painting stuff like this. She’s amazing!

Made a coat from a blanket.

Halloween decoration made from old cardboard boxes.


Made my own shoes.

Decided to build our own entertainment center from woodpiles and discount lumber

I learned how to knit.

I decided my shaggy mop was no longer okay so I pulled out the clippers and did it myself!

From now on I’m doing my own nails

Am I a designer now?


Knitted myself this scarf

Made a blanket for my kid.

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