15 People Who Wanted to Show Off Their Genius Ideas But Something Went Wrong

Bunglers, bad designers, and other “inventive” people are always eager to show off their genius ideas that they can’t wait to bring to life. But something will inevitably go wrong during this process. We believe that there should be enough room for such mistakes in our world because they make our lives even more colorful.


Maybe it looked nice in the picture but I don’t think it’s the best design for a toilet.

The braille on both buttons are the same.

“Never do your best. Quit.”


This is how we’re supposed to walk?

This laptop keyboard’s design with white splatter-paint makes it look like it’s covered in dandruff.

My boyfriend’s finger exerciser has 5 buttons. But how can you get the thumb to reach?

“Sample text”


A support pillar is placed in the middle of the aisle. It’s a dead-end behind it so you have to leave your shopping cart here and go around to take stuff.

Not the best packaging design.

No more privacy nowadays.

This image is supposed to represent working like a machine with each individual being a cog. But the gears can’t spin!

The handles on my kitchen counters are hard to grasp and even harder to clean

This 4-sided clock shows 2 different times. And both of them are wrong.


Is this a blind date?

It doesn’t work this way.

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