15 People Who Got Into an Awkward Situation Because of How Tall They Are

The people from our article don’t get upset about these things and manage to joke about their unique features. We at Bright Side love people who appreciate some good


I can not live in Japan.

My (4’11”) girlfriend and I (6’3″) were walking in the city. She got cold and hid under my T-shirt, so I turned into a pregnant guy

Me and my best friend. We look like mother and daughter.


Nice view.

I’m 7’3” and I have arms like a gorilla.

I don’t agree that the guy has to be taller.

I’m 6’9” and I finally found a bed that fits!


I have to be very careful near door frames.

If I’d crop the photo it would look nice.

I look like Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles

Can you believe that this is my mom?

How tall people sit on a date.

Right when I accepted how short I am… This happened.


My school opted to make me a custom desk.

Tall people problems:

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