15 Exes Who Really Don’t Want to Be Forgotten

Ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends are special people that sometimes appear out of nowhere and shock us with what they do. And sometimes it’s not by accident.


Some people are with you forever.

What kind of question is this?

My ex took the time to complicate my life.


When your ex just loves food.

The best revenge is simply ignoring them.

Even dreaming about exes.

My ex didn’t let me buy my dream couch. So when we broke up, I finally got it.




Doesn’t look so happy…

Honesty is key.

How to properly say goodbye .

Middlemen are very important when it comes to exes.


My ex-girlfriend asked me to touch up her engagement photos. She should know better than to ask me to do that

My ex sent me this photo of the dinner that his new GF made him. He said he misses me.

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