15 “Before and After” Pictures Showing How Fast Our Lives Can Change

Progress is unstoppable and it can be seen in every area of our lives.  It’s very useful for people to see the changes and differences between “before” and “after” pictures. In fact, it can be very motivating and inspiring.


1-year difference

Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 4

1-year difference – “it seemed that my own works remained the same over time.”


Making rings

Look at the details. Visible progress

Phone cameras 8 years ago vs now

Progress: 2018 and 2020


Re-doing my nail art has been one of the coolest ways to see my progress.

7 days later

My town before and after

McDonald’s of the ’90s and 2020

Handmade birds

The left cover is my first leatherwork experience. I didn’t have any tools back then. On the right, I’m using way more technique


Women’s bathing suits


Hair curlers of the 1940s and now

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