14 Times People Came Across Something Extremely Rare

We scoured the web in search of pictures of some extraordinary things, just to share them with you.


This rainbow is a real reflection of the sun on freshly-paved tarmac.

The smallest frog I’ve ever seen just pooped on my hand.

Found this awesome Swedish krona from 1667


The sun’s reflection on my drinking glass creates Bart Simpson’s skull.

I captured a dead star that ejected most of its mass as a colorful cloud of gas

This is a willow tree that’s been tricked into building a house for a small fly.

I found this old penny from 1917.


This tree looks like copper

The way this caterpillar ate this leaf

I opened a decade old Play-Doh container to find that it had grown crystals

“The wick of my candle looks like a mushroom.”

My friend looks like the drawing.

Trees growing trees


This baby grasshopper army in my friend’s garden

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