14 Relatable Photos About Married Life

After the wedding, you win some and you lose some. People around the world are sharing photos that perfectly illustrate what life is like after the honeymoon is over.


The stages of life

You lose motivation

Wise couples pick their battles… like dividing the table in 2.


A husband is a perfect practice for having kids.

My wife, breastfeeding our newborn, while applying for her PHD

Perfect wedding gift? A wallet full of gift cards.

My wife’s always got my back.


A single person’s lunch and a married person’s lunch.

In many ways, your family prepares you for married life.

My wife dried and saved all the flower petals from our relationship: dating, engagement, and post-marriage.

Our dogs seem to know what marred life looks like.

The happiest day of her life… and her wedding day…

My husband carrying our child


Having 2 screens means never going to bed angry.

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