14 Photos That Will Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside.

We brought you some photos that will give you the daily dose of serotonin and fill your day with positivity.


I asked my son to put our new puppy to bed.

My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house and the turtles love it!”

My two loves cuddling.


I found a monarch caterpillar in my garden, so I built it a home. It was worth it, it’s a beautiful butterfly now.

This lady gives treats to my dog everyday.

He can’t get rid of them.

My cat’s smaller toe beans are inverted.


Found this cutie pie on the street. Now he has a new home.

The progression of her wee patch of hair is adorable.

He always puts his paw on my head while I’m cooking.

Me when I was little on the picture and my son holding the picture.

After 18 years my family finally let me bring home a furry friend.

Today I took my 74-year-old best friend and her miniature Shetland pony to their first show and they got first place!


My baby brother graduated today. Here’s our attempt at recreating a moment from 8 years ago.

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