14 Photos That Prove Climate Change Is Not a Joke

As climate activists say, “there’s no planet B.” We can only save it together, and we should act right now, because we don’t have any time to waste anymore.


Pedersen Glacier, Alaska, 100 years ago and now

Victoria Falls then and now

Cities across the world are being flooded more than ever.


Iceland’s Okjokull Glacier was commemorated in August 2019.

Climate change caused an 89% decrease in new coral on the Great Barrier Reef.

Glaciers are dissapearing

6 years difference


Theewaterskloof Dam, that was in South Africa, is also gone.

The flooding of the Ganges River has left people homeless.

Lake Urmia has turned red and is about to dry out.


The flooding of the Mississippi River puts the whole city under water.

Grinnell Glacier



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