14 Photos That Prove Black Cats Are The Coolest

Black cats often fall prey to superstitions, as many people believe that they bring bad luck. But let us prove to you that they make your life better.


My black cat looks like the shadow of my other cat.

When you think your bag is empty but it’s actually not.

Sometimes my cat reminds me of the devil.


Black cats are the easiest to dress up for Halloween.

Gave Jack a bath and now he’s doing that stereotypical black cat thing.

How do you like my new Halloween decoration?

My cat changes color depending on the sunlight.


He scares me to death.

Check out this cute frosty cat.

They love me so much.

I always have to rub his tummy.

My fat black cat was dedicated to getting into this box.

Their eyes are poppin’.


Even in the dark.


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