14 Photos Taken in the Right Place at the Right Moment

Sometimes it’s a game between light and shade, sometimes it’s the right perspective, and sometimes it’s just pure luck. Whatever it is, we’re glad the owners of these epic shots shared them with all of us.


I told you my cat is an angel!

This lizard chillin’ in my pool

I managed to capture these horizontal lightning strikes


Today I saw a Nike gecko.

This spiderweb holding water

Have you ever seen a cloud like this?

These plums I picked look like they’re covered in ice when put underwater


I caught a comet on my camera.

A reflection that looks exactly like DNA

A stormtrooper in my backyard

The reflection of my watch

The clouds reflected off this building look pixelated.

This firework look like a palm tree.


My cat has rainbows in her ears.

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