14 People Who Wanted to Do Something Useful and Creative but Didn’t Really Think It All The Way Through.

Sometimes, we’re so eager to create something that we forget about the process itself and the result can be pretty bad.


I would feel nauseous while walking on this carpet.

This would be a good idea.

Almost done it right


Never cutting my daughter’s hair ever again.

I wanted to impress my family.

So I tried making a froggy chair for my frog but when I put it in the oven its legs gave in and it burnt. So now it’s an abstract froggy chair.

I washed my new sweater.


When you realize you didn’t get the right size.

Well, it could be worse, I guess.

Is my cat supposed to fly in?

Read a tip online that you could kill bacteria by microwaving your toothbrush head for 10 seconds

Not as I expected…



When you wanted to grow cool hair but you forgot you had to water it regularly:

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