14 People Who Turned Their Lives Completely Around

These people have successfully managed to overcome obstacles, made some smart, life-changing decisions such as losing tons of weight, quitting a job that you hate, or just cleaning the clutter in your home and made visible transformations.


Clean your place and your life will become much better right away.

1 year’s transformation

I quit my stressful job and now I make glow-in-the-dark art like this full-time


I found out that gardening helped cope with my depression

Trying to eat healthy.

Cleaning your drawers is life-changing, believe me.

After a mini heart attack, I finally realized it’s time for change.


1-year transformation after breaking up with my toxic boyfriend

There’s instantly more room in there.

Broke up with my girlfriend, got a haircut, ready for a new life.

Together, my wife and I have lost 315 lb

When my baby girl turned 1 I promised that I’ll get rid of every single bad habit. And I’m glad I did it.

“I folded my clothes and have a dresser for the first time in 4 years since you died, Mom. I know this is small but it feels like I’m finally overcoming an emotional hurdle.”


My dad is officially an artist now!

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