14 People Who Transformed Their Homes Into Masterpieces

These online users transformed their houses and apartments and we want to share some inspiration with you. But be careful — you might want to start fixing everything around your homes too.


Who decided we can’t paint our rooms black? He was so wrong!

This looks so cozy!

But this looks even cozier!


I made my unfinished basement storage room into an office!

My living room gives me so much energy every day!

Now I feel like an interior designer.

Built this for my wife.


My pet-friendly bedroom went through a makeover and I love it!

Some color was really needed here.

My apartment is teeny tiny but it gets the job done and it’s the first space I’ve had that’s ever been mine and mine alone.

I love my new bedroom!

Movie theatre in the living room?

My happy place. I enjoy my morning coffee here.


Sometimes less is more. Welcome to my minimalistic bedroom.

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